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SPARTA MU Server is OPEN 25/04/2019

Vote for the server! We should be everywhere on the top line of the top ratings! P.S. Your every vote is important to us! Only together we will make the game world of Sparta the best!

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SPARTA assistant

1. In the beginning than go to pump the character, take the quest which is in the Lorencia coordinates: 131 121

With each of his passing you will be given incentive prizes. And you also will not need to search for zen!

2. Using the /spawn warrior command, you can call the helper:
- /spawn warrior1 - с 0 ресса
- /spawn warrior2 - с 1 ресса
- /spawn warrior3 - с 2 ресса
- /spawn warrior4 - с 3 ресса

Below are the types of your helpers in battles with monsters:

3. During the development of your character, reaching 150-200 lvl you can go get yourself a pet with which your path through SPARTA will be easier. They appear on the server spaces every 4 hours.

Each level of the pet has its own location where it can be obtained :

1) Golden Dark Knight - Map Elbeland
- Baal
- Fairy
- Tarius
- mini bird

2) Golden Devil - Map Dungeon
- Hawk
- Rainer
- Alkamo
- Safi

3) Golden Stone Golem - Map Aida
- Behemoth
- Repen
- Pawn
- Grippus

4)) Golden Satyros - Map Kanturu
- Treat
- Mantis
- William

5) Great Golden Dragon - Map Karutan - Smaug

Further, many already know how to continue their way on the server. Good and worthy wars to you.

P.S. information will be added little by little!

Currently this is only one server.
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